negative chemotaxis

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Noun1.negative chemotaxis - movement away from a chemical stimulus
chemotaxis - movement by a cell or organism in reaction to a chemical stimulus
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, positive chemotaxis, negative chemotaxis
n. quimiotaxis, movimiento de un organismo o célula como reacción a un estímulo químico.
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Results showed Chemotaxis regarding dilutions of conditioned A549 medium with fresh medium as the control, and negative Chemotaxis with all dilutions of WI-38.
Although further studies are required to determine the other active volatile compounds from guava leaves our results confirmed that the mixture of volatile terpene compounds instead of single compound emitted from guava leaves exhibited repellent (negative chemotaxis) activity against adult citrus psyllid and that these volatile compounds can be developed as natural protectants for the management of Asiatic citrus psyllid in citrus production.