negative stimulation

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Noun1.negative stimulation - something causing antagonism or loss of interestnegative stimulation - something causing antagonism or loss of interest
stimulant, stimulus, stimulation, input - any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
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Even if goaded, we should tell ourselves and others that we are fasting and hence will not respond to any negative stimulation. Our time during the blessed days and nights is to be spent in prayer, reading the Quran with understanding and repentance for our sins, rather than wasting it in watching mindless television and sleeping off our hunger.
"While most markets have seen demand slowing, it is most visible on the Middle East-North America market, which has been affected by a combination of factors including the (recently-lifted) ban on personal electronic devices, as well as a wider negative stimulation from the travel ban that has now been implemented for certain countries," IATA said.
Negative stimulation takes many forms, resulting in physical and mental suffering of people who do not behave the way you want.