negative transference

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neg·a·tive transference

n. transferencia negativa, en el análisis psicológico, el resultado de casos de transferencia que se caracterizan por hostilidad de parte del paciente hacia el analista.
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On the contrary, we submit that conspiracy-theory explanations for virtually any disaster or otherwise significant negative event could be the result of negative transference, or at least strongly influenced by this psychological process.
Kumin (1985) also argues that erotic transference is also a form of negative transference and contends that both patient and therapist suffer from being objects of frustrated desire, and are therefore, expected to behave themselves--the patient by free-associating and the therapist by maintaining a professional attitude.
In Chapter Four ('Aggressiveness in psychotherapy') Miller discusses 47-year-old Eric, who presents many interesting dreams in which negative transference issues emerge.
They discuss medication and therapy, moving from acting out to enactment, negative transference, trauma, intervention for suicide, integrative psychodynamic treatment of psychotic disorders, the social dynamics of treatment resistance, family resistance, a team approach, and other aspects.
Some patients may experience positive transference, such as nurturing and idealization, whereas others may have negative transference, including narcissistic wounds and devaluation of 1 or both clinicians.
If, during the conversation, A reacted to B in a manner indicating negative transference, then B would become unpleasant and antagonistic toward A.
Freud (3) likewise refers to positive transference (related to love) and negative transference (hostility).
The introduction of ginkgo by the patient may be a form of negative transference. It may be an effort to test or challenge the therapist or in some way indicate dissatisfaction with the speed or efficacy of the psychotherapy.