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1. The practice or habit of being skeptical, critical, or pessimistic, especially toward the views or suggestions of others.
2. Behavior characterized by persistent refusal, without apparent or logical reasons, to act on or carry out suggestions, orders, or instructions of others.

neg′a·tiv·ist n.
neg′a·tiv·is′tic adj.
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Noun1.negativist - someone who refuses to do what is asked or does the opposite of what is asked
balker, baulker, noncompliant - a person who refuses to comply
2.negativist - someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions
pessimist - a person who expects the worst
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The concept thus inverts negativist formulations of Asian America--by critics like Susan Koshy, who has described the term Asian American as "catachrestic" (342) and Kandice Chuh, who argues that Asian American studies should be understood as a "subjectless discourse" (9)--into a more positive formulation that privileges the becoming of a possible future Asian American subject.
The negativist approach of the party is evident in its opportunist rejection of the Indo- US nuclear deal, FDI in retail and the GST, all of which the BJP had supported while heading the NDA government.
The theology of sacramentality focuses on presence, efficacy, and transformation; and the sacramentality in the novel counters the negativist tendencies of the cynicism, fragmentation, and destabilizing narrative techniques, creating a context for affirmation and possibility.
The negativist view, on the other hand, maintains that a competitive situation threatens cooperative ventures and helps undermine worthwhile personal and social relationships and forms a vicious distinction between winners and losers.
Bilinc acik, ancak mutistik ve negativist olan hastanin fizik muayenesinde rijidite ve balmumu esnekligi mevcuttu.
Consequently, the "new" CHP decided to stop being a pro-military negativist political party, criticizing anything and everything the AKP government does, without offering any policy alternatives.
The questions about our existence are explored more with wonder than with negativist resignation.
It is indeed her negativist ethical radicalism directed against Catholic as well fascist Austrian traditionalism, which attracts hostility.
Fatany's perspective certainly is not that of a negativist.
In Edgar's case, there is no outwardly redeeming act, and this protagonist's infantilized behavior is congruent, just as Berger's life is, with Otto Weininger's critique of the Jewish male in his negativist, but highly influential, 1906 study of Geschlecht und Charakter (Sex and Character).
A negativist interpretation of this would be that local governments suffer from considerable waste of resources or rent extraction by politicians.