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tr.v. ne·gat·ed, ne·gat·ing, ne·gates
1. To make ineffective or invalid; nullify: a wage increase that was negated by inflation; a goal that was negated by an official's ruling.
2. To make negative: In German, sentences can be negated by using the word "nicht."
3. Computers To perform the machine logic operation NOT gate.

[Latin negāre, negāt-, to deny; see ne in Indo-European roots.]

ne·ga′tor, ne·gat′er n.
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(Electronics) electronics another name for NOT circuit
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The [phrase omitted] in the bottom is a negator, and [phrase omitted] means "green" ([right arrow]scallions).
As Radin states, "Trickster is at one and the same time creator and destroyer, giver and negator, he who dupes others and who is always duped himself ....
Hegel's (monist) ontology was to Kojeve's mind a "failure" because it "it did not explain his anthropology or his phenomenological description of finite man as annihilator and negator." We thus ended up with a long span of time during which western ontology was unable to "find a way beyond the impasse of Hegelian ontology [...], but guided by Husserl [...] Heidegger reopened the ontological question [which Hegel left suspended]" (Kojeve, 1935, p.
(1) The inherited Germanic preverbal negator ni (later ne), as in (1), began to cooccur with forms of not (e.g., nawt, noht, na[??]t), as in (2), which could later occur alone as the sole clausal negator, as in (3).
For instance, with respect to the encoding of standard negation, Italian, whose standard negator is non, is, other things being equal, less complex than French, which typically uses a discontinuous marker, ne...pas, to signal standard negation.
Therefore, Zekoli assesses that effendi Rexhepi has mixed up the interpretations of God's competences and the bad deeds of his negator a little, whose unholy name is not mentioned in line with the sacred.
'We hypothesize (...) a negative-existential cycle, in which a special negative existential form arises (A > B), comes to be used as a verbal negator (B > C), and then is supplemented by the positive existential predicate in its existential function, restoring a 'regular' negative + existential construction (C > A).' (Croft, 1991: 6)
Key Words: Negation; Negator; Error; Acquisition; Recognize.
Finally, the high frequency of never as a single negator in the past (25), and the non-existent variation between never and not ...