neglect of duty

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Noun1.neglect of duty - (law) breach of a duty
negligence, nonperformance, carelessness, neglect - failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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This neglect of duty may be disguised under affected but unsubstantial provisions, so as not to appear, and of course not to excite any alarm in the people for the safety of the Constitution.
Returning back to his own vessel, he was charged with neglect of duty, and the ship given to a favourite page of Publicola, the vice-admiral; whereupon he retired to a poor farm at a great distance from Rome, and there ended his life." I was so curious to know the truth of this story, that I desired Agrippa might be called, who was admiral in that fight.
An expression which Katharine knew well from her childhood, when he asked her to shield him in some neglect of duty, came into his eyes; malice, humor, and irresponsibility were blended in it.
"Nay, Lady Bellaston," said Jones, "I am sure your ladyship will not upbraid me with neglect of duty, when I only waited for orders.
If I had not seen him, I should have felt unhappy over neglect of duty.
Au reste, we all know them: danger of bad example to innocence of childhood; distractions and consequent neglect of duty on the part of the attached--mutual alliance and reliance; confidence thence resulting- -insolence accompanying--mutiny and general blow-up.
don't you see the deck's blown out of her?' I found my voice, and stammered out as if conscious of some gross neglect of duty, 'I don't know where the cabin-table is.' It was like an absurd dream.
Hernandez was specifically found guilty of three counts of gross neglect of duty and grave misconduct in connection with the alleged irregular transshipment of 539 cargo containers from MICP to Port of Batangas from January to May 2011.
Aside from gross neglect of duty, he was also slapped with a grave misconduct charge.
Nelson Celis, and Melchor Magdamo want Tolentino, together with Deputy Teopisto Elnas Jr., Director James Arthur Jimenez and the management of Smartmatic, charged with serious dishonesty and gross neglect of duty.
While it upheld Prieto's dismissal, the CA modified the Ombudsman's findings saying that the petitioner was guilty of gross neglect of duty and not dishonesty.