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Not significant or important enough to be worth considering; trifling.

[Latin neglegere, negligere, to neglect; see neglect + -ible.]

neg′li·gi·bil′i·ty, neg′li·gi·ble·ness n.
neg′li·gi·bly adv.
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so small, unimportant, etc, as to be not worth considering; insignificant
ˌnegligiˈbility, ˈnegligibleness n
ˈnegligibly adv
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(ˈnɛg lɪ dʒə bəl)

so small or unimportant as to be safely disregarded: negligible expenses.
[1820–30; < Latin neglig(ere) to neglect]
neg`li•gi•bil′i•ty n.
neg′li•gi•bly, adv.
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1. 'negligent'

If someone has been negligent, they have not performed their duties carefully enough.

The jury determined that the airline was negligent in training and supervising the crew.
2. 'negligible'

If something is negligible, it is so small or unimportant that it is not worth considering.

The damage appears to have had a negligible effect on the yacht's speed.
They can make extra copies of videotapes at a negligible cost.
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Adj.1.negligible - so small as to be meaningless; insignificant; "the effect was negligible"
minimal, minimum - the least possible; "needed to enforce minimal standards"; "her grades were minimal"; "minimum wage"; "a minimal charge for the service"
2.negligible - not worth considering; "he considered the prize too paltry for the lives it must cost"; "piffling efforts"; "a trifling matter"
worthless - lacking in usefulness or value; "a worthless idler"
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adjective insignificant, small, minute, minor, petty, trivial, trifling, unimportant, inconsequential, imperceptible, nickel-and-dime (U.S. slang) Managers are convinced that the strike will have a negligible effect.
important, significant, vital, noteworthy
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1. Contemptibly unimportant:
Slang: measly.
Idiom: of no account.
2. Small in degree, especially of probability:
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[ˈneglɪdʒəbl] ADJ [amount] → insignificante; [damage, difference] → insignificante, sin importancia
a by no means negligible opponentun adversario nada despreciable
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[ˈnɛglɪdʒɪbəl] adj (= very small) [risk] → négligeable; [amount, level] → négligeable
The risks are negligible → Les risques sont négligeables.
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adjunwesentlich, unbedeutend; quantity, amount, sum alsogeringfügig, unerheblich; the opposition in this race is negligiblein diesem Rennen gibt es keinen ernst zu nehmenden Gegner
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[ˈnɛglɪdʒəbl] adjtrascurabile, insignificante
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One key reason is that mobile payments are only negligibly more convenient than using regular credit or debit cards.
The development of this market is principally determined by the rising inclination for negligibly intrusive techniques, extension of the objective patient populace, expanding open private subsidizing and government support for disease inquire about, mechanical progressions in the field of interventional oncology, and expanding government ventures and funding for interventional oncology and related cancer research.
That number varied up and down negligibly in the intervening years.
Exports have risen negligibly during the tenure of the PTI government.
Compared to last year, the number of children using opiates, commit robberies, damage to private or public property increased almost negligibly. There is also a slight increase in the incidence of aggression, as well as in vagrancy and begging.
However, from the outset of the exchanges, India's authorities unreliably lied about the nature and collision of their first strike claiming this destroyed a fictitious 'terrorist group' and next day after the loss of its own aircraft, negligibly claimed to have shot down a Pakistani F-16.
A new Mustang GT is only negligibly quicker (count out one second) despite being a third of the size and weighing at least 1,000 pounds less.
As a result of FTA deal signed in 2006, the Chinese exports have jumped from 3.5 billion dollars to over 16 billion dollars while Pakistani exports have increased negligibly, according to one estimate.
He said Sindh was the province whose share was negligibly increased in contrast to Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan in the 1991 Accord.
rig count was steady last week at 1,075, with a 4 rig drop for oil but a 4 rig rise for natural gas, and the count remains negligibly below the recent-peak for the monthly average of 1,079 in November.
The inflation only increased negligibly by 0.4 percent in the first 5 months of PTI's government as compared to the increase of 11.2 and 4 percent during the same period of PPP and PML-N tenures respectively, he said.