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 (nĭ-gō′shə-bəl, -shē-ə-)
1. Capable of being discussed in an effort to reach an agreement: negotiable demands.
2. Capable of being traveled over or through; passable: a negotiable road.
a. Transferable from one person to another: negotiable securities.
b. Transferable from one person to another by means of endorsement: checks and other negotiable instruments.

ne·go′tia·bil′i·ty n.
ne·go′tia·bly adv.
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Western states are demonstrating a lack of negotiability by their stance on the Syrian crisis, as their actions on the ground are in violation of UNSC Resolution 2401.
068 million reflected the strength of the core $3 million and under market, while the 7 percent annual decrease of average price to $1,879 million supported the narrative that rising supply continues to put downward pressure on prices at the higher end of the market, where discounts and negotiability are prevalent.
These must be selected depending upon the term and the negotiability of the goal.
COMPANY: Bondholders want security, negotiability, liquidity, punctuality, and banality.
The Negotiability of Debt in Islamic Finance: An Analytical and Critical Study
The subject of the public contract is to provide winter maintenance on local and tertiary roads, sidewalks, parking lots, paved areas and public spaces in the administration or in the possession of Rokycany kept in the passport of local roads, including their components and accessories, to the extent and in accordance with its terms in order to mitigate defects resulting from weather conditions for winter and the situation in the negotiability of roads and the viability of local roads and pavements, through mechanical and manual street cleaning in winter.
Access should be allowed through credit by freeing the land market and by lifting restrictions in agricultural free patents that inhibit negotiability of title.
The term negotiability addresses whether an inspection device can get through a line.
Specific industries require a check or cash payment upon product or service delivery, and mCP with A2iA Mobility is the ideal solution to meet this condition, as it allows for the check to be processed offline, from anywhere on the handset, and for the driver or technician to determine a check's negotiability at the point-of-presentment," said Richard Leirer, VP of Sales & Marketing at Jaguar Software.
Other features of the LTNCD include: a) tax exemption on interest income for individual investors if held for at least five (5) years; b) quarterly interest payments; c) deposit insurance coverage with the PDIC up to a maximum of P500,000 per depositor; and d) negotiability subject to market conditions.
We're trying to see if there's any negotiability with HUD, but this shakes the business principles we run on of protecting our residents and running a good business.
The negotiability of promissory notes in mortgage foreclosure cases is the subject of extensive litigation in Florida courts.