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v. ne·go·ti·at·ed, ne·go·ti·at·ing, ne·go·ti·ates
To confer with another or others in order to come to terms or reach an agreement: "It is difficult to negotiate where neither will trust" (Samuel Johnson).
1. To arrange or settle by discussion and mutual agreement: negotiate a contract.
2. To transfer (an instrument, such as a promissory note) to another party by means of endorsement.
a. To succeed in going over or through: negotiate a sharp curve.
b. To succeed in accomplishing or managing: negotiate a difficult musical passage.

[Latin negōtiārī, negōtiāt-, to transact business, from negōtium, business : neg-, not; see ne in Indo-European roots + ōtium, leisure.]

ne·go′ti·a′tor n.
ne·go′tia·to′ry (-shə-tôr′ē, -shē-ə-) adj.
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of or pertaining to negotiation
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I spoke as a Chinese person, brought my background into play, pressed my training into service, and yet, without sounding monochrome, I proceeded to effectuate a space for thinking "across"--the negotiatory zones among cultures of thought and theoretical variations.
* Communication and engagement (oral, written, and negotiatory).
Because names like "authentic question" are somewhat value laden after years of use and debate in the literature, we chose to describe our leading and scaffolding questions as "negotiatory," which intend to elicit "substantive student contributions" and invite "a variety of perspectives," and as "known-information," which typically aim for a single or limited range of responses known to the teacher (Nassaji & Wells 400).
As CPC theoretician Li Junru puts it, "The long-term security of East Asia hinges on the proper settlement of these problems" with the use of a "negotiatory security mechanism."
I suggest that we typically employ two strategies, one a process of negotiatory approximation, the other the import of technical language into ordinary discourse.