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(in transformational grammar) abbreviation for
(Grammar) negative
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a photographic negative.
[by shortening]


1. negative.
2. negatively.
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The size and regionality of SRFEs, combined with the non-economic goals (NEGs) of many of their owners, appear naturally congruent with values that customers seek in AFNs--local, authentic, regional, real food, being close to the producer and being part of community (Kebir & Torre, 2012; Visser et al., 2013).
Table 2 Charter Authorizers By City, Type, And Number Number of Authorizers LEAs SEAs ICBs NFPs HEIs NEGs Minneapolis 20 1 11 8 Detroit 12 1 11 Indianapolis 5 4 1 New York 3 1 1 1 1 Milwaukee 3 1 1 1 Phoenix 3 1 1 1 Denver 2 1 1 Albany 2 1 1 Los Angeles 2 1 1 Atlanta 2 1 1 Chicago 2 1 1 Memphis 2 1 1 New Orleans 2 1 1 Washington, DC 1 1 Boston 1 1 Newark 1 1 Camden 1 1 Source: National Alliance for Charter School Authorizers online database of charter school authorizers.
In the second chapter Braziel portrays the filmmaker Peck who is a gwo negs in Haitian cultural production (59).
NEGS will install meters and prepare the hotel for the test, which will begin within 45 days.
Group members commiserate over eBay minutia such as unreasonable "negs' - negative reviews - or the hassle of international shipping.
(52) The Dislocated Worker National Reserve consists primarily of National Emergency Grants (NEGs) which provide employment and training assistance to workers affected by major economic dislocations, such as plant closures, mass layoffs or disaster relief employment.
What kind of follow-up procedures are in place in order for your art department to learn from their successes, while at the same time keeping plates, negs and especially the electronic files used for the job organized and easy to retrieve and use for future runs?
Trailing some suspicious-looking men who've attracted his attention in a restaurant, he witnesses and snaps an execution in the sticks and soon finds his own life, and that of a friend, threatened in exchange for his negs. Meanwhile, he's also approached by the beautiful Arzuhun (stunning Hande Ataizi), who claims to be the daughter of the murderer but then suddenly disappears.
Non-evaporable getters (NEGs), as can be assumed from their name, remain in the solid state instead of being evaporated and condensed on a surface.
Writing in Dispute Resolution Magazine (Fall 1997), he noted, "Interestingly, there is some indication that rules that emerge from reg negs are more stringent than the agency would have been able to issue on its own, and yet are cheaper to implement precisely because the committee can focus on ways to get the greatest return."
When the time comes for the PM to process his own happy snaps can we expect armed secret police to turn up at Boots demanding they lock the doors and hand over the negs undercover?
We first report descriptive bivariate results that compare the responses of participants in reg negs to those of conventional rule participants.