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n.1.A woman born in the state of villeinage; a female serf.
1.The fist.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Laurent Boissin, fund advisor for the NEIF II and the NEIF III fund, said, 'The acquisition of 'Gaurico' represents the 12th transaction on behalf of NEIF II and the fund volume stands now at above EUR800m.
"They buy cars or houses, but very few have the discipline to invest," says Neif.
In a court held at Hinderclay in November 1301, Nicholas was amerced the extraordinarily large sum of 4 [pounds sterling] because `he impleaded Robert the son of Adam, neif of the lord [villein], by a certain writ of trespass (per quoddam brevem de transgressione) and others of the lord's villeins and also that he had harvested and carried crops of seven rods of wheat against the express wish (defensum) of the lord'.(70) The `certain writ of trespass' indicates that Nicholas had brought his case to the king's court, possibly in the first half of 1299,(71) and probably to the shire court.(72) Almost certainly, the writ had led to the violent incursion by Nicholas and a gang of men earlier in the year, events reported in this and the previous court.
A local ecology teacher, Nelsi Neif Sadek (now secretary of culture), took her to a painted sandstone cave, called Caverna da Pedra Pintada.
The family had given us no background on Neif, who was 86-years-old when admitted, and the staff began to disregard him as senile.
The delegation, comprising of Jose Neif Jury Fabre, Business & Economic Affairs Minister, Promexico Middle East, Consulate officials, members of the Arab Mexican Chamber of Commerce & Industry and top Mexican company representatives, was received by Hassan Al Hashemi, Director, External Relations, Dubai Chamber, and was introduced to the encouraging business environment of Dubai and the investment opportunities it offers.
The third phase of the North East Investment Fund (NEIF 3) is specifically designed to boost small and medium-sized firms in the region, with the aim of safeguarding hundreds of jobs and creating many more.
Washington-based Hellens Group has been given the green light for the PS5m units on the Monkton Business Park, Hebburn, having received PS1.27m from the North East Local Enterprise Partnership's Local Growth Fund, as well as loan funding of PS1.7m from the North East Investment Fund (NEIF), an evergreen loan fund also administered by the LEP.