neighbourhood watch

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neighbourhood watch

a scheme under which members of a community agree together to take responsibility for keeping an eye on each other's property, as a way of preventing crime
نِظام مُراقَبَة الحَي
bezpečnostní strážní služba
bezpečnostná strážna služba
semt gözetimi


(American) neighbor (ˈneibə) noun
a person who lives near oneself. my next-door neighbour.
ˈneighbourhood noun
1. a district or area, especially in a town or city. a poor neighbourhood.
2. a district or area surrounding a particular place. He lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of the station.
ˈneighbourhood watch (American neighborhood watch;also sentry watch) noun
a system allowing organized groups of people to police their neighbourhoods to prevent crime.
ˈneighbouring adjective
near or next in place. France and Belgium are neighbouring countries.
ˈneighbourly adjective
(negative unneighbourly) friendly. a very neighbourly person.
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Together they have arranged daily events across Cardiff where Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators will give advice on the benefits of the scheme and how to set one up in your local area.
FOR around 10 years Richard Daley served his community as chairman of its neighbourhood watch.
FIGURES show a third more people claim to have joined a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the past two years.
Up to 40 pupils from Year 6 at Wingate Primary School, in east Durham, are embarking on a seven week programme designed to teach them about the benefits of neighbourhood watch programmes.
The Coventry Association of Watch Schemes - an umbrella organisation for Neighbourhood Watch schemes across the city - has launched a page on the social networking site Facebook.
POLICE are looking for volunteers to run Neighbourhood Watch groups.
POLICE in North Sandwell are launching a leaflet-led campaign to boost Neighbourhood Watch membership.
HOLYWELL Neighbourhood Watch are handing out letter box guards today in the run-up to Halloween and Bonfire nights.
A crime-cracking Black Country teenager is set to win a top award after his Neighbourhood Watch scheme helped reduce crime.
NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch groups are "invaluable" to communities in South Wales, the region's police and crime commissioner has said.
A NEIGHBOURHOOD watch scheme has helped get new bikes for local bobbies.
The Junior Neighbourhood Watch, now takes place in five Stockton schools.

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