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Of or relating to the mesomorphic phase of a liquid crystal in which the molecules are oriented in loose parallel lines.

[From Greek nēma, nēmat-, thread; see (s)nē- in Indo-European roots.]


(Chemistry) chem (of a substance) existing in or having a mesomorphic state in which a linear orientation of the molecules causes anisotropic properties. Compare smectic See also liquid crystal
[C20: nemat(o)- (referring to the threadlike chains of molecules in liquid) + -ic]


(nɪˈmæt ɪk)

(of liquid crystals) noting a mesomorphic state in which the arrangement of the molecules is linear. Compare smectic.
[1920–25; < Greek nēmat-, s. of nêma thread + -ic]
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Objective: The objective of the research proposed in this project is to give a sound mathematical description of the noise-induced fredericksz transition in nematic liquid crystal (nlc) with general geometry configurations.
The AG271QX also makes use of a 27-inch Twisted Nematic (TN), a feature that should come in handy for users planning to make use of AMD's FreeSync adaptive sync technology.
Moreover, using the co-electrospinning technique, hybrid fibers based on the same block copolymers and N-(4-ethoxybenzylidene)-4-butylaniline nematic liquid crystal (EBBA) were successfully fabricated and investigated on macro and nanoscale by different advanced microscopy techniques.
In this case, it is the electronic orbitals that enter the nematic state as the temperature drops below a critical point.
Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment
USPRwire, Wed May 06 2015] European LCoS Market by Product Type (Projectors, HUD & HMD) by Application (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aviation, Military, Optical 3D Measurement, and Medical) by Technology (FLCoS, Nematic LCoS) by Design Type (3 panel design, 1 panel design) by Architecture (Color Filter LCoS, Color Sequential LCoS) and by Geography-Forecast 2013-2019
Furthermore, vector fields on a surface or nematic membranes, are considered simplified models to describe membranes that are more complex.
Nematicons; spatial optical solitons in nematic liquid crystals.
The LCVR Wildcard is a liquid crystal controller, compatible with all Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders (LCVRs) and appropriate for driving most other nematic liquid crystal devices.
The new process involves developing lasers based on chiral nematic liquid crystals (LCs), similar to the materials used in flatpanel LCD displays.
Avery Weigh-Tronix has introduced the Quick Check ZQ375, the first UK checkweigher in the food industry to use Black Nematic (IBN) display technology that promises to minimise eye strain and operator fatigue.