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also nem·a·ti·cide  (nĕm′ə-tĭ-sīd′, nə-măt′ĭ-)
A substance or agent used to kill nematodes.

nem′a·to·cid′al, nem′a·ti·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.


or nem•a•ti•cide

(ˈnɛm ə təˌsaɪd, nɪˈmæt ə-)

a substance or preparation used for killing nematodes parasitic to plants.
nem`a•to•cid′al, nem`a•ti•cid′al, adj.
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AMVAC has been in the nematicides segment for crops such as banana and pineapple.
Although, several research studies are available on biological nematode control, there continues to be a dearth of registered biological nematicides.
Many chemical nematicides are being gradually prohibited for protecting vegetable crops.
In addition, FMC will acquire the DuPont Crop Protection research and development pipeline and organization, excluding seed treatment, nematicides, and late-stage R&D programs, which DuPont will continue to develop and bring to market, and excluding personnel needed to support marketed products and R&D programs that will remain with DuPont.
The management of this disease is difficult due to the facts that cultivated plants are susceptible to nematodes, nematicides have no effective control, and the use of fungicides to control Fusarium still has not been evaluated.
Much current research has focused on the need for development of more sustainable and less toxic alternatives to chemical nematicides for plant-parasitic nematode management.
Current nematode control strategies include resistant cultivars, crop rotation, nematicides and biocontrol, but each has serious limitations (Chitwood, 2002).
The Commission's investigation will also be looking into Dow and DuPont's activities in nematicides, which are products used to protect against nematode worms, as well as into the companies product pipelines in fungicides.
Moreover, use of integrated pest management techniques and phasing out chemical fumigant nematicides owing to the environmental hazards.
The present findings are supported by earlier works wherein integration of bio-control agents with fungicides and nematicides gave significantly higher disease control in several crops than that obtained either by bio-control agent or by fungicide or by nematicide alone (9,14,15).
The using of nematicides and fungicides fails to control vector for reasons such as the vine roots is a good food for X.
There are many kinds of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, defoliants, desiccants, fungicides, nematicides, avicides, and rodenticides are some of them.