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also nem·a·ti·cide  (nĕm′ə-tĭ-sīd′, nə-măt′ĭ-)
A substance or agent used to kill nematodes.

nem′a·to·cid′al, nem′a·ti·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
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or nem•a•ti•cide

(ˈnɛm ə təˌsaɪd, nɪˈmæt ə-)

a substance or preparation used for killing nematodes parasitic to plants.
nem`a•to•cid′al, nem`a•ti•cid′al, adj.
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Class of Pesticides Name Insecticides / Acaricides Tamaron[R] Insecticides Polytrin[R] Insecticides / Nematocide Turbo[R] Insecticides Fastac[R] Insecticides / Anthelmintics Verimec[R] Herbicides Roundup[R] Herbicides Gramoxone[R] Fungicides Curzate br[R] Class of Pesticides Active Ingredient % of use Insecticides / Acaricides Methamidophos 33.4 Insecticides Profenofos and Cypermethrin 24.7 Insecticides / Nematocide Azadirachtin 7.7 Insecticides Alpha-cypermethrin 14.8 Insecticides / Anthelmintics Avermectin 33.8 Herbicides Glyphosate 75.3 Herbicides Paraquat 51.7 Fungicides Mancozeb 43.8 Table 4.
Frequency Distribution of Type of Pesticide Used among Farmers Percentage Frequency Nematocide 3.2 17 Rodenticide 6.6 35 Herbicide 37.5 200 Tick control 2.8 15 Fungicide 65.9 352 Insecticide 86.1 460 Note: Table made from bar graph.
The spermatotoxic effects of dibromochloropropane (DBCP), a nematocide widely used in agriculture was reported in the early 1960's in rodents by animal toxicologist but their reports went essentially unnoticed until the late 1970's when oligospermia and azoospermia were reported in manufacturing plant workers and pesticides applicators (71).
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