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The branch of zoology that deals with nematodes.

nem′a·to·log′i·cal (nĕm′ə-tl-ŏj′ĭkəl) adj.
nem′a·tol′o·gist n.


(Zoology) zoology plant pathol the study of nematode worms, esp in the context of their impact on plants on which they are parasitic
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The event, which is held every five years, will be chaired by Dr Matthew Back, reader in nematology, and brings together experts and academics to share work relating to the biology, distribution and management of potato cyst nematodes (PCN).
Meanwhile, he mentioned that the MPhil degrees were awarded to Kiran Shahzadi, Shama Noureen, M Saad Hussain and M Kawish Iqbal (Chemistry, [HEJ]), Javeria Masnoon (Microbiology), Usman Ahmed, Abrar Ahmed, Mohammad Zohaib, Aziz Ahmed Baig (Islamic Learning), Samina Sultan (Nematology, [NNRC]), Shumaila Farzand Ali and Ambar Jamal (Physcis), Anam Umar and Nousheen Ali (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Ayesha Liaquat and Umair Ahmed Khan (Chemistry), Madiha and Sameen Athar (Computer Science), Sami Ullah Qureshi (Applied Economics), Shahzad Hussain (Psychology), Shezaib Siddiqui (Molecular Medicine), M Akhtar Abid (Usool-ud-din), Syeda Nasreen (Zoology) and Eruj Wajidi (Public Administration).
Meanwhile, he mentioned that the MPhil degrees were awarded to Kiran Shahzadi, Shama Noureen, M Saad Hussain and M Kawish Iqbal in Chemistry (HEJ); Javeria Masnoon in Microbiology; Usman Ahmed, Abrar Ahmed, Muhammad Zohaib, Aziz Ahmed Baig in Islamic Learning; Samina Sultan in Nematology (NNRC); Shumaila Farzand Ali and Ambar Jamal in Physics; Anam Umar and Nousheen Ali Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Ayesha Liaquat and Umair Ahmed Khan in Chemistry; Madiha and Sameen Athar in Computer Science; Sami Ullah Qureshi in Applied Economics; Shahzad Hussain in Psychology; Shahzaib Siddiqui in Molecular Medicine; M Akhtar Abid in Usool-ud-din; Syeda Nasreen in Zoology and Eruj Wajidi in Public Administration.
Crop protection company AgBiome LLC revealed on Thursday the receipt of a multi-year grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the "Biological Nematicides for Root and Tuber Crops," nematology project.
Amalin, entomology and nematology expert of DLSU, will lead the projects.
He was delivering his presidential address at the '5th International Workshop for Capacity Building in Nematology', jointly organized by National Nematological Research Centre (NNRC), University of Karachi, ECO Science Foundation and Pakistan Society of Nematologist held at the Professor Saleemuzzaman Siddiqui Auditorium, HEJ, Karachi University here on Monday.
Despite the limited number of studies on the use of DNA microarrays in plant nematology, this technique has proven to be useful for the identification of M.
The review first appeared in "Nematology" but should be of interest to entomologists, too.
For identification, the cysts were submitted to the nematology laboratory at Bolu University, Turkey, and each population was determined to be H.
Nematologists and entomologists describe species that have been identified--often using molecular methods--since the first version of this book, published in 2007 as Volume Five in the Nematology Monographs and Perspectives series.