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also Ne·o·clas·si·cism  (nē′ō-klăs′ĭ-sĭz′əm)
1. A revival of classical aesthetics and forms, especially:
a. A revival in literature in the late 1600s and 1700s, characterized by a regard for the classical ideals of reason, form, and restraint.
b. A revival in the 1700s and 1800s in architecture and art, especially in the decorative arts, characterized by order, symmetry, and simplicity of style.
c. A movement in music lasting roughly from 1915 to 1940 that sought to avoid subjective emotionalism and to return to the style of the pre-Romantic composers.
2. Any of various intellectual movements that embrace a set of traditional principles regarded as fundamental or authoritative.

ne′o·clas′sic, ne′o·clas′si·cal adj.
ne′o·clas′si·cist n.
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(ˌni oʊˈklæs ɪk)

also ne`o•clas′si•cal,

(sometimes cap.) of, pertaining to, or designating a revival or adaptation of classical styles, principles, etc., as in art, literature, music, or architecture.
ne`o•clas′si•cism (-əˌsɪz əm) n.
ne`o•clas′si•cist, n.
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Adj.1.neoclassic - characteristic of a revival of an earlier classical style
classical, classic - of or relating to the most highly developed stage of an earlier civilisation and its culture; "classic Cinese pottery"
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Edmonia Lewis was the first black professional NEOCLASSIC sculptor.
The project: The owner of an event venue wanted to replace the early-1990s swag treatments on 17 arched windows in the building's spacious entry and banquet halls with a fresh new look that coordinates with the neoclassic design of the space.
This public place offers a majestic view of the neoclassic provincial capitol building and the artificial lagoon in front of it.
According to the designer, her elaborate source of inspiration delivered a neoclassic and baroque flare to her signature exotic and classically feminine designs.
Athens - Outside a crumbling neoclassic building on a seedy Athens street, a tour guide marks the spot where one of Greece's greatest writers Costas Tachtsis used to cruise in drag.
Martin Stankiewicz, GHD's lead design architect for Le Petit Paris, said,"To achieve the client's vision for a vibrant urban neighbourhood, our team proposed a land use strategy that will enhance the area, forming a transition zone between the nearby Place Vendome, currently under construction, and the waterfront boulevard of the Lusail Marina." The masterplan creates a dynamic and stylish urban precinct, drawing on neoclassic rules to link two opposite squares and a connecting high street.
The Rose Building, built about 1900, was named for Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Uriah Rose and is an example of neoclassic revival architecture.
The neoclassic building from 1933 and the iconic Bloch Building from 2007 are treats in themselves, and the recently opened Bloch Galleries are home to a fine collection of Impressionist art.
Art historian Hollander points out some of the ways Western artists used garments and draperies as expressive elements in paintings, from the middle of the fifteen century to the middle of the twentieth, the Renaissance, the Neoclassic, the eighteenth century, and the beginning of the modern twentieth century.
Now I revisit the old streets and neighbourhoods, where in the past I painted old neoclassic and other houses of importance and I feel I am lost because these buildings of reference do not exist anymore.
Ultimately labeling Williams's compositional style as neoclassic, Audissino argues that the composer's blending of classic and contemporary music was not only commercially successful, but also responsible for "bringing the classic Hollywood music style and its canon into the limelight" and "restor[ing] dignity to a neglected facet of the Hollywood tradition" (p.
Barbara Church, which is of Baroque Renaissance architecture with neoclassic facade, was declared a historical site in Iloilo City in 2012," said National Historical Commission Executive Director Ludovico Badoy.