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n. Informal
A neoconservative.


(ˌni oʊˈkɒn)

a neoconservative.
[1975–80; by shortening]
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Noun1.neocon - a conservative who subscribes to neoconservatism
conservative, conservativist - a person who is reluctant to accept changes and new ideas
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June was jam-packed for me this year, with just a week and a half separating NeoCon and the annual BOMA International Conference & Expo.
Florida woman dies in fall from swing at NeoCon Show in Merchandise Mart
The comprehensive collection launched at NeoCon and was recognized with the Best of NeoCon 2017 Gold Award for product excellence.
Over the Memorial Day weekend, neocon gad-fly and Weekly Standard editor William Kristol dropped his latest #NeverTrump salvo, another hint that he has found an "acceptable" Republican to head up a third-party, independent run for the White House.
Soulitude provides designers, architects and homeowners beautiful opportunities to open up and transform spaces, and it is available in a new fan deck that will be launched during NeoCon 2016.
Bush administration, alongside other neocon leaders such as Richard Perle.
It is predictable in the sense that, like other neocon initiatives in the past, it has no respect for the wishes of the people of the Middle East.
Which brings me to modern Persia, or "Eye-ran," as that poor neocon victim George W.
Conservatism was at its peak when the neocons were dominant, and nearly every problem with the Republican Party today could be cured by a neocon revival.
Among the new products seen at the 2013 NeoCon were lots of upholstered and foam seating, often combined with wood.
So John McCain's BFF, Senator Kelly, climbed up yet another rung on the neocon food chain t'other day, Snitcherinos.
If anything, some of the contract furnishing companies that display at NeoCon will likely "receive a windfall" of business from the new and largest Mart tenant, according to Mark Falanga, president of Merchandise Mart Properties Inc.