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I suspect neoconservative bishops who share a sense of crusading righteousness--looking upon themselves as the chosen few who will cleanse society and restore a pre-Vatican-II Catholicism--were responsible for the vote favoring Archbishop Joseph Naumann over Cardinal Blase Cupich as chair of the Pro-Life Activities Committee.
The commentator David Brooks, who came to maturity under their tutelage, has accurately observed that "there is no such thing as a neoconservative 'movement.
Yet one leading neoconservative defied his compatriots by endorsing the real estate billionaire: Norman Podhoretz.
But the debate had foreign policy commentator and noted neoconservative Bill Kristol up in arms.
London, England) empirically confirms the influence of Straussian-influenced neoconservatives in the march towards a disastrous war, her writing differs in that she focuses on a philosophical deconstruction and critique of the conceptual basis of Strauss's philosophy and, thus, the political thinking of the neoconservative advocates for invasion.
I am personally disgusted by the many years of political support for the MKO by neoconservative elements among the US political class," Kwiatkowski added, calling the US shifts regarding the group as one of several ongoing "means of war and provocation" against Iran.
Pletka, like many of her peers from neoconservative, pro-Israeli "think tanks," should be a familiar name among Arab reporters, who are also well aware of the level of destruction brought to the Middle East as a result of neoconservative wisdom and policies.
Neoconservative commentators try to raise alarm about an emerging network of Iranian influence in the region, proving far more intractable than when Saddam Hussein served as a wedge.
23) Flibbert's approach neglects their role as individual actors, appearing to assume the wholesale conversion of senior Bush policy makers to the neoconservative argument for invading Iraq.
Much more damaging than advocacy of big-government conservatism, however, was the neoconservative quest to build a global empire.
The point is that we cannot adequately sort out issues we face as people of faith unless we have a careful and self-critical understanding of religious social thought, something that neoconservative Catholics too often do not exhibit.
The Neoconservative Persuasion: Selected Essays, 1942-2009, by Irving Kristol.