neonatal period

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Noun1.neonatal period - the first 28 days of life
time of life - a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state
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In this proposed prospective, longitudinal study, 200 mother-child dyads will be followed from early gestation till the neonatal period.
A massive 45 per cent of under-five deaths occur in the neonatal period, the first 28 days of life.
A massive 45 percent of under-five deaths occur in the neonatal period, the first 28 days of life.
He has had a special interest in the areas of neonatal lung diseases, neurological injury during the neonatal period, and infant apnea and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) throughout his career.
Of such infants, 15-20% will die in the neonatal period while 25-30% of survivors will develop permanent neurodevelopmental abnormalities, including cerebral palsy.
However, for those babies that are SGA when they're born (the smaller 10% of newborns), fetal growth ultrasound appears to be an effective tool for stratifying risk in the neonatal period.
Kostmann syndrome) may become apparent in the neonatal period, but these etiologies are rare.
The use of rectal suction biopsy to diagnose Hirschsprung's disease beyond the neonatal period has been recently evaluated.
born showing signs of life and dying during the neonatal period.
The prenatal and neonatal period is such an active time of development," Godbout relates.
They examine ways to optimize health and nutrition outcomes for the mother and infant in the neonatal period and first two years after birth, focusing on the prevention of low birthweight, starting with the health of adolescent girls, through pre-pregnancy and pregnancy stages, and ending with lactation, as well as the nutritional follow-up and feeding opportunities in relation to dietary requirements of children with a low birthweight.
Thrombolytic treatment has increased in importance in recent years due to a significant increase in the number of neonatal cases diagnosed with thrombosis as a result of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions performed during the neonatal period (1).

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