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An abnormal new growth of tissue in animals or plants; a tumor.

ne′o·plas′tic (-plăs′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.neoplastic - of or related to or having the properties of a neoplasm; "neoplastic cells"
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a. neoplástico-a, rel. a un neoplasma.
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adj neoplásico
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Table Showing Inflammatory Lesions FNAC Diagnosis Number of Cases Percentage Sialadenitis 18 47.36% Sialadenosis 08 21.05% Reactive Lymphoid Hyperplasia 06 15.78% Non- Neoplastic Cysts 04 10.52% Abscess 02 5.26 Total 38 100% Table 2.
Pathologists from the US, UK, Brazil, Canada, and Taiwan present 182 chapters that cover common, rare, and newly described lung diseases, both neoplastic and non-neoplastic.
Cystic features of PDAs are largely divided into neoplastic cysts and non-neoplastic cysts.
The necropsied ewe of case 1 presented poor body condition and weakness, with multiple cauliflower-like neoplastic developments of verrucous aspect with a broader base and multifocal crusted patches of variable size in the head region: mouth corner, hard palate, nostrils, eyelids, ear and submandibular region (Figure 1).
Histopathology revealed an unencapsulated, poorly demarcated, highly cellular neoplasm composed of islands and trabeculae of neoplastic cells embedded in abundant loose fibrovascular stroma which completely obliterated the cortical bone and sinuses of the rostral skull and infiltrated the surrounding muscle and soft tissue.
(1) In the past, splenectomy was usually performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and a characteristic sinusoidal distribution of neoplastic T cells could be readily identified on immunohistochemically stained tissue sections.
Histopathology revealed that 31 cases (50%) were nonneoplastic and another 50% were neoplastic masses.
The FNAC findings in this series for distribution of solitary thyroid lesion were: inconclusive FNAC in 10 cases (10%), Non-neoplastic in 60 cases (60%) and Neoplastic in 30 cases (30%).
[3,4] Though non-neoplastic lesions outnumber the neoplastic counter parts, appendiceal neoplasms are also frequently encountered and these may be a primary or secondary neoplasm involving the appendix.
Atlas of Gastrointestinal Pathology: A Pattern Based Approach to Neoplastic Biopsies (online access included)
Microscopically, a neoplastic proliferation well circumscribed but not encapsulated, composed by polyhedral cells was observed, arranged in cohesive bundles interspersed with scarce fibrovascular stroma.