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(Film) films a movement to depict directly the poor in society: originating in postwar Italy
ˌneoˈrealist n, adj
ˌneoˌreaˈlistic adj
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(ˌni oʊˈri əˌlɪz əm)

a style of filmmaking prominent in Italy after World War II, characterized by stark depiction of the lives of working-class people.
ne`o•re′al•ist, n., adj.
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A range of schools and approaches were represented, including realism, neorealism, psychodrama, sci-fi, and fantasy, with one animation project.
He also touched upon the first golden era of Chinese films (1930-1940) which highlighted the miseries of the people that surprised European filmmakers for using neorealism.
"Ila Ayn?" is an intriguing emulation of Italian neorealism a nonprofessional cast and a plot interested in migration's impact upon family structure and social cohesion.
It could be argued that although his films show the development of ideas from existentialism, surrealism, Marxism, German expressionism, Postmodernism, Nouvelle Vague and Italian neorealism. Sen's cinema for the most part does not provide a happy ending or a definitive conclusion (unlike many of the films of Sen's better known contemporary Satyajit Ray).
His topics include cinema's encounter with colonial insurgencies, Italian neorealism and beyond,the mercenary subgenre and counter-insurgency, and Israel and reframing siege warfare into counter-terrorism.
Constructivism varies itself from neoliberalism and neorealism by emphasizing and highlighting the ontological reality of intersubjective knowledge.
The idiosyncratic filmmaking tradition that inspired Italian neorealism and the French New Wave is under pressure as histories are re-invented and old heroes discarded.
They were also watching Italian neorealism films by Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica, or films by auteurs, like the late Swedish director, writer and producer Ingmar Bergman.
Although the mark of late neorealism was obvious, in particular in the work of the Italian film director Ermanno Olmi, Forman introduced to the cinema after 1948--the year of the communist coup--portrayals of working-class life untainted by the formula of socialist realism.
Hori's other runner on Saturday night, Neorealism, pulled off a shoe midway through the Dubai Turf.
Saeed bin Suroor's Benbatl heads the market for the Group 1 Dubai Turf (4.35), but preference is for Japanese challenger NEOREALISM.
The last two winners of the race, Vivlos and Real Steel, will form a Japanese raiding party that includes the quietly-fancied Neorealism, Crocosmia and Deirdre.