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(ˌni oʊ roʊˈmæn təˌsɪz əm)

any of various movements or styles in literature, film, architecture, etc., considered as a return to a romantic style.
ne`o•ro•man′tic, adj., n.
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Noun1.neoromanticism - an art movement based on a revival of Romanticism in art and literature
art movement, artistic movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles
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According to Gelpi, poetry of the post-World War II era stages "a dialectic between Neoromanticism and Postmodernism" (2015, 15).
Its fate and mission was the awakening of conscience / spirit, in a complex modern context of the rise of neoromanticism, empirio-criticism, Husserl's phenomenology, Bergson's vitality, Dilthey's poetic intuitionism, Nietzsche's volitional spiritualism, and Rudolf Steiner's theosophical movements.
alutsim: hitgabshut hane 'o-romantikah basiporet ha 'ivrit (Uprooted and pioneers: Crystallization of neoromanticism in Hebrew fiction) (Jerusalem: Dvir, 1983), 80, 116, 117, 186; as well as mythic and fantastic literature in his Lavo h.
Sabedores de que "Metamodern neoromanticism should not merely be understood as reappropriation; it should be interpreted as re-signification: it is the re-signification of the commonplace with significance, the ordinary with mystery, the familiar with the seemliness of the unfamiliar, and the finite with the semblance of the infinite" (Velmeulen y van den Akker 12).
It is a dramatic story that offers many correctives to unilinear notions of modernist evolution (fostered, in part, by postwar narratives of that revived avant-garde) for it reveals an interwar cultural landscape of enormous complexity and diversity, readily exemplified by Krenek's own dizzying stylistic trajectory from expressionism through neoclassicism, neoromanticism, and the eventual embrace of twelve-tone serialism.
Constitutional Medicine, Neoromanticism, and the Politics of Antimechanism in Interwar Germany.
Neoromanticism has to be a roomy rubric to admit the mystical Roethke and the skeptical Lowell, Rich the radical feminist and Everson the Dionysian Catholic, Duncan the occultist and Berry the agrarian.
7) In contrast, several recent analyses read Hermann's stories within the context of literary traditions and cultural phenomena such as globalization (Biendarra, "Globalization"), Neoromanticism (Borgstedt), a postmodern "poetics of undecidedness" (Blamberger, "Poetik"), or the figure of the flaneur (Ganeva).
Finally, there is an impressive plethora of musical styles represented from neoromanticism to serialism, and Ms.
And then all the unhappy youngsters in England read their translations--and listened to Read read Wordsworth--and, Lo, neoromanticism.
CQ: There's a comment I remember you made in Seas and Inland Journeys in which you refer to the significance of your "assimilation of a peculiarly Southern neoromanticism represented in the Poe-Faulkner tradition in fiction.