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 (nē′ō-stĭg′mēn, -mĭn)
A cholinesterase inhibitor that is given in the form of a bromide salt, C12H19BrN2O2, or a methyl sulfate, C13H22N2O6S, used to treat myasthenia gravis and muscle atony and to reverse the effects of muscle relaxants after surgery.


(Pharmacology) pharmacol a cholinergic drug which acts as a muscle stimulant and is used primarily to treat myasthenia gravis


(ˌni oʊˈstɪg min, -mɪn)

a synthetic anticholinesterase, C12H19N2O2, used in the treatment of myasthenia gravis, glaucoma, and postoperative urinary bladder distention.
[1940–45; neo- + (physo)stigmine]
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Noun1.neostigmine - a cholinergic drug (trade name Prostigmin) used to treat some ophthalmic conditions and to treat myasthenia gravis
anticholinesterase - a medicine that inhibits cholinesterase by combining with it and so has a cholinergic effect


n neostigmina
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Additional products from this Facility include Neostigmine Methylsulfate, Succinylcholine Chloride and others.
Also, 38(50%) participants were given sugammadex and 38(50%) were given neostigmine.
11,12) This adverse event is still being present today, even with the use of intermediate acting ND-NMBA or use of drugs such as neostigmine for reversing neuromuscular block.
We aimed to investigate the effects of sepsis on the antagonistic actions of neostigmine on rocuronium (Roc) and the underlying changes of AChE activity in the NMJ in a rat model of cecal ligation and puncture (CLP).
30 mg of pyridostigmine given orally (PO) equals 1 mg of neostigmine given intravenously.
In clinical practice, atropine, a nonselective muscarinic receptor blocker, is employed to prevent the parasympathomimetic effects induced by neostigmine when the anticholinesterase agent is clinically used to reverse the blockage of neuromuscular transmission caused by non-depolarizing muscular relaxants (Barrio, Miguel, Garcia, & Pelegrin, 2007).
There are many drugs which are reported potent inhibitors of the enzyme, like physiostigmine, neostigmine, tacrine, and galanthamine etc [10] However, galanthamine (an alkaloid) is highly selective for AChE and it has achieved considerable superiority to physiostigmine and tacrine for the treatment of AD.
At the end of the surgery, the patient was administered Ondansetron 4mg and Pethidine 50mg (in 2mL), and reversed with Neostigmine 2.
Polyvalent ASV (enzyme refined equine immunoglobulin) 10 vials, neostigmine, and atropine were started immediately.
141718 Various additives have been tried successfully till now to increase the duration of caudal block including epinephrine clonidine dexmedetomidine neostigmine ketamine morphine tramadol and fentanyl.
2 mg/ml, 20 ml vials) Divalproex Sodium ER $31 $234 736% (bottle of 80,500 mg tablets ER 24H) Pravastatin Sodium $27 $196 573% (bottle of 500, 10 mg tablets) Neostigmine $25 $121 522% Methylsulfate (box of 101:1000 vials) Benazepril/ $34 $149 420% Hydrochlorothiazide (bottle of 100, 20-25 mg tablets) Source: Data from the Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA).