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1. The retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species, as among certain amphibians. Also called pedomorphism, pedomorphosis.
2. The attainment of sexual maturity and subsequent reproduction by an organism still in its larval stage. Also called pedogenesis2.

[New Latin neotenia : neo- + Greek teinein, ten-, to extend; see tenesmus.]

ne′o·ten′ic (nē′ə-tĕn′ĭk, -tē′nĭk), ne·ot′e·nous (-ŏt′n-əs) adj.


(nɪˈɒtənɪ) or


(Zoology) the persistence of larval or fetal features in the adult form of an animal. For example, the adult axolotl, a salamander, retains larval external gills. See also paedogenesis
[C19: from New Latin neotenia, from Greek neo- + teinein to stretch]
neotenic, neˈotenous adj


(niˈɒt n i)

1. the production of offspring by an organism in its larval or juvenile form; the elimination of the adult phase of the life cycle.
2. the retention in adulthood of a feature or features that appeared in an earlier phase in the life cycle of ancestral individuals.
[1900–05; < New Latin neotēnia < Greek neo- neo- + teín(ein) to stretch + -ia -y3]
ne•ot′e•nous, adj.


the capacity or state of becoming sexually mature in the larval stage. — neotenous, adj.
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Noun1.neoteny - an evolutionary trend to be born earlier so that development is cut off at an earlier stage and juvenile characteristics are retained in adults of the species
evolutionary trend - a general direction of evolutionary change
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But the differences in neoteny are critical, as they also determine significant developmental differences between our species and chimpanzees, including the development of the neocortex (see Miller, et al.
Especially relevant to his view of Bildung, the latter two processes result in the retention of juvenile features in adulthood--a phenomenon known as neoteny (or paedomorphosis), which, despite its suggestion of regression, was believed to enable an evolutionary "escap[e] from the blind alleys of specialization, into a new period of plasticity and adaptive radiation" (J.
Not dissimilar to tropes of advertising, choreography of faces emphasizes neoteny and cuteness, giving a grip to encounters to elicit desired emotional responses.
Most recently, Makihara was chairman of Neoteny Co Ltd, a Japanese venture incubator.
This predisplacement of maturation, due either to processes of neoteny or paedogenesis (for concepts and theory of heterochrony, see Brusca & Brusca 1990, McKinney & McNamara 2001), may compensate for presumably shorter longevity indicated by smaller maximum size (see above).
Ito has been the director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab since last September and has been chief executive of the venture-capital firm Neoteny Co.
He is also the founder and current CEO of Neoteny Co.
In this paper, he suggests "the neoteny as the major mechanism to explain the origin of the non-scorpion arachnids from scorpion ancestors.
Neoteny and progenesis as two heterochronic processes involved in paedomorphosis in Triturns alpestris (Amphibia: Caudata).
Neoteny and the urogenital system in the salamander Dicamptodon ensatus (Eschsholtz).
By viewing healthful food as a youth serum, eliminating unhealthful lifestyle habits as though they were the poisonous apples in the fairytales, cultivating healthy physiology as though it's the hottest new trend in town, and maintaining a youthful mindset of neoteny (viewing the world with the curiosity, joy, and positivity of children), we can live a full and healthy life as though we are ail in our "20s.