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A biological specimen or other element that is selected as the type specimen when the holotype, lectotype, and any syntypes or paratypes have been lost or destroyed.

ne′o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.


(Biology) biology a specimen selected to replace a type specimen that has been lost or destroyed


(ˈni əˌtaɪp)

a specimen selected to replace a holotype that has been lost or destroyed.
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Audience interest in neotype science fiction is increasing even more with a film adaption slated to be made.
Taxonomic review of the perciform fish genus Acanthistius from the east coast of southern Africa, with description of a new species and designation of a neotype for Serranus sebastoides Castelnau, 1861.
A neotype was chosen for Cheilanthes incisa by previous workers because there were apparently no extant syntypes.
Neotype designated and figured by Kaas (1985: 591, fig.
Culex (Culex) molestus Forskal (Diptera: Culicidae): Neotype designation, description, variation, and taxonomic status.
To clarify and stabilize the taxon, Rueda and others (6) designated and described the neotype and alloneotype of An.
Taxonomic study of the genus Campylobacter and designation of the neotype strain for the type species, Campylobacter fetus (Smith and Taylor) Sebald and Veron.
Because the available evidence indicates the original material has been lost, however, it is necessary to designate a neotype for this taxon, and illustrations are permissible neotypes (ICBN 2006, Articles 9.