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n. nefrograma, radiografía del riñón.
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The other findings are loss in corticomedullary distinction in early arterial phase and delay in cortical nephrogram.
A control angiogram 8 hours after that showed a successful restoration of patency of the bypass, together with both a normal nephrogram and arterial vascular tree of the kidney (Figure 2(b)).
The patient then underwent a percutaneous nephrogram where a stiff guidewire was successfully passed into the bladder by interventional radiology (IR) and allowed for placement of an indwelling 8 Fr double-J ureteral stent (Figures 2 and 3).
Retention of administered intravenous contrast for a prolonged period is termed dense persistent Nephrogram.
Stone fragmentation was performed by pneumatic lithotripter, and fluoroscopy with contrast nephrogram was performed to obtain a stone free status.
It revealed normal nephrogram and pyelogram phases, bilateral ureteral and renal dilatation with the bilateral bladder diverticulum and bladder stones in diverticulum (Fig.
Both kidneys show nephrogram and excretion within normal time limits.
Moreover, with the need to evaluate the nephrogram and ureterogram phases, and calculus opacities, each additional dynamic CT scan increases the dose and these exams require contrast administration.
Nephrogram comprises of a cortical phase, due to vascular filling and a tubular phase, due to contrast in the tubules.
Thrombosis can occur, and CT typically shows a filling defect or nonen-hancement of the vein; a delayed or persistent nephrogram indicates obstruction of kidney drainage.
CT is nonspecific but may show thickening of the renal pelvis, stranding of the perirenal fat, and a striated nephrogram.
Coronal reconstruction of computed tomography scan of the abdomen during the nephrogram phase showing A.