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n. nefromegalia, extrema hipertrofia de los riñones.
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CT scans were retrospectively reviewed by a single radiologist who classified the calculus as non-obstructing, partially obstructing, or completely obstructing according to pre-determined criteria that included the degree of hydronephrosis, hydroureter, nephromegaly, and perinephric stranding present on the CT.
Of the 3 cases having enlarged kidney sizes, 2 cases were diabetic and 1 case had Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease (APKD), thus explaining the enlarged kidney sizes in CKD, as nephromegaly is common in both DM and APKD.
Significant hepatomegaly was evident in almost all patients but nephromegaly was present in only 5.
Postmortem examination revealed severe, bilateral nephromegaly due to multifocal to coalescing renal tubular adenomas (adenomatosis), which was complicated with renal gout and soft tissue mineralization.
Abdominal and renal sonography performed at 2-year of age revealed marked hepatomegaly and nephromegaly, with increased echogenicity.
10) Diffuse infiltration is almost always bilateral and seen in approximately 20% of patients and presents with nephromegaly.
These cases have significant nephromegaly with about 90% of the ducts involved, which may impede delivery.
In particular, in cases with concomitant elevated uric acid and nephromegaly the diagnosis of renal lymphoma should always be a consideration.