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Noun1.nephrotoxin - any toxin that affects the kidneys
toxin - a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species


n. nefrotoxina, toxina que destruye células renales.
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identified the Nrf2 pathway as the most significant signaling response in renal epithelial cells challenged with nephrotoxin (Wilmes et al.
Aspirin can also be a nephrotoxin despite the benefit of antiplatelet activity.
Acute tubular necrosis was present, which was consistent with a nephrotoxin.
It is very likely that a possible nephrotoxin adulterated the preparation used by our patients.
Cell impedance was monitored over several weeks in culture, and the effect of nephrotoxin treatment on cell impedance was investigated.
Lead is particularly neurotoxic in children, cadmium is a nephrotoxin, and excess fluoride affects teeth and bone, while selenium causes Enshi disease in the case of excess or Keshan syndrome and Kaschin-Beck disease in the case of deficiency.
A current example is the presence of ochratoxin A, a human carcinogen and nephrotoxin, in wines.
The ATN mechanisms were sepsis in 24 cases, hypoperfusion in 15 and nephrotoxin in 6.
Finally, a lack of improvement may increase the patient's risk of exposure to nephrotoxins (e.
Avoid nephrotoxins (NSAIDs, aminoglycosides, X-ray contrast media).
acute dialysis, avoidance of nephrotoxins, maintaining adequate renal perfusion), and this care has essentially been unchanged over the last 10 years.
Nephrotoxicity and electrolyte abnormalities may be prevented by pre-hydration, by avoiding concurrent use of other nephrotoxins (e.