nerve compression

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Noun1.nerve compression - harmful pressure on a nerve (especially in nerves that pass over rigid prominences); causes nerve damage and muscle weakness
nervous disorder, neurological disease, neurological disorder - a disorder of the nervous system
nerve entrapment - repeated and long-term nerve compression (usually in nerves near joints that are subject to inflammation or swelling)
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Clinical features include bone marrow failure resulting in pancytopenia, hepatosplenomegaly, blindness secondary to optic nerve compression, hydrocephalus, and other neurological complications.
This ups the likelihood of nerve compression, especially in older people," says Sammy.
In contrast to Wallerian degeneration, which characterizes acute nerve injury, chronic nerve compression injuries have found associated with some of the changes discussed below.
21), they examined and treated 36 patients with dorsal scapular nerve compression.
A slight increase in the nerve diameter raises the intra-neural pressure, causing nerve compression and ischemia.
We performed EMG/NCS and MRI of the elbow for nerve compression probably caused by tophi visible at elbow examination and for differential diagnosis.
During the past 25 years, utilising an extension of the "double crush hypothesis", a surgical approach to chronic nerve compression in people with diabetic neuropathy has been developed that employs the use of ND at multiple sites of known anatomic narrowing along multiple individual peripheral nerves during the same operation.
showed significant decrease in post-thoracotomy pain subsequent to thoracotomy closure performed by avoiding intercostal nerve compression after partial dissection of the intercostal muscles.
The posterior-forward design philosophy of the Katana system further helps prevent the nerve compression problems that other systems can create.
The differential diagnosis should include lumbar radiculopathy, post-traumatic intraneural hemorrhage, and nerve compression near the tendinous arch located at the fibular insertion of the peroneal longus due to muscle and nerve tumors, including schwannoma, neurofibroma, sarcoma, and myxoma.