nerve cord

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nerve′ cord`

1. the hollow dorsal tract of nervous tissue that constitutes the central nervous system of all chordates and that developed as the spinal cord and brain of vertebrates.
2. a double strand of nerve fibers in elongate invertebrates, as earthworms, that connects with a pair of nerve ganglia at each body segment.
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2014a); the larvae were dissected, and the midgut, brain, and ventral nerve cord were collected (Zhao et al.
A partial nerve cord is preserved in the specimen above (dark brown horizontal line in the head area).
The nerve cord in vertebrates is enclosed by the projections of the vertebrae.
First, multi-layers of glia ensheath the ventral cell bodies of the brain and ventral nerve cord, in a manner similar to that of myelin or lamellar ensheath-ments.
When the spinal cord is injured, scar tissue forms, inhibiting regrowth of the axonal processes that make up the nerve cord.
The dorsal nerve cord is connected to the brain, which is located in the dorsal region of the trunk.
Dr Leslie Vosshall of The Rockefeller University in New York City and her team discovered a small group of neurons in the abdominal nerve cord and reproductive tract known as Abdominal-B neurons.
There is a protocerebrum, connecting to the compound eye and other frontal filaments and organs, a deuto- and trito-cerebrum, which receive input from antennae and a ventral nerve cord ganglial network.
Careful dissection through the ventral surface may often leave the ventral nerve cord intact (Figure 6).
The fish has a nerve cord down its back and is regarded as a representative of the first animals to develop a backbone.
The fish has a nerve cord down its back and is said to be regarded as a representative of the first animals to evolve a backbone.
If an earthworm suffers amputation, and a portion of the nerve cord near the cut is removed, regeneration fails.