nervous Nellie

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nervous Nel·lie

or nervous Nel·ly  (nĕl′ē)
n. pl. nervous Nel·lies Informal
An unduly timid or anxious person.

nerv′ous Nel′lie

(or Nel′ly)

(ˈnɛl i)

n., pl. -lies. Informal.
a timid or fearful person.

nervous Nellie

n (US inf) → Flattermann m (inf)
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For all the nervous nellies out there insisting that there should be mandatory safety training, the evidence that concealed carry licensees are shooting innocent bystanders in gunfights is negligible.
It must have been frustrating to be lumped in with the Nervous Nellies who had rushed to the forecourt at the first mention of the words "tankers' strike".
NOT MANY NERVOUS NELLIES Brokers were asked, "Approximately what percentage of AIG policyholders have instructed you to replace some or all of AIG's participation on their programs?
America is better and stronger than the nervous Nellies and chickenhawk war-mongers who currently have control of the Republican Party (and a few Democrats, apparently).