nervous Nellie

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nervous Nel·lie

or nervous Nel·ly  (nĕl′ē)
n. pl. nervous Nel·lies Informal
An unduly timid or anxious person.

nerv′ous Nel′lie

(or Nel′ly)

(ˈnɛl i)

n., pl. -lies. Informal.
a timid or fearful person.

nervous Nellie

n (US inf) → Flattermann m (inf)
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She's basically a techie geek, a slightly shy, incredibly nervous Nelly, not something I've played before.
I had quite a bit of stage fright so I probably portrayed myself as a nervous Nelly.
While some circumstances can turn any dog into a nervous Nelly, it shouldn't be your dog's default state of being--for his sake and yours.
But that is not to say it's only a cynical attempt to shake down their nervous nelly contributors.