nesting doll

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nest·ing doll

1. A set of wooden dolls of different sizes, designed so that each of the smaller dolls can be nested inside the next largest doll.
2. One of the dolls in such a set.
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One of his bomber jackets is made with images of the classic babushka, the Russian nesting doll. A yellow fabric with Japanese style art illustrating a crane is what he calls his signature fabric, for he has had it in his possession ever since the started designing ready-to-wear.
The official said that all those issues were "interconnected" as part of the "package deal" which was equated to a Russian nesting doll. The official's descriptions tallied with details that have been leaked by Taliban and western officials recently.
The official said they had made it clear to the Taliban that all the issues discussed were "interconnected" as part of a "package deal" that he likened to a Russian nesting doll. The official's account was supported by details that have been leaked by some Taliban and Western officials in recent days.
Matryoshka Square hosts a 30-meter-high building in the shape of a nesting doll painted with three faces-ethnic Han, Mongolian and Russian-looking in different directions.
One standout scene occurs as Clara ventures quickly (the film is mercifully short at 100 minutes, which feels refreshing in the face of the bloated running times that fill our cinemas these days) into a forbidden forest, coming across a giant robotic woman whose tented skirts reveal a collection of nesting doll clowns who jump in and out of each other.
The nature of the relationship between different STEM fields can be explored in class using the analogy of a Russian nesting doll, or matryoshka doll.
Entering ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower is like opening up a Russian nesting doll of wonders: You will come with a realization that this is not just another space.
It's as if Blizzard decided they wanted to make a nesting doll simulator inside their highly successful card game.
She is currently crowdfunding her next project, Nesting Doll, which she describes as her "most meaningful project to date," inspired by her special needs son, Nicholas, her daughter Gabrielle, and four different women and the way in which they experience different mother/daughter relationships.
Half of a Russian nesting doll? A nose on a funky animal mask?
While the Chinese may be comparing the AnBot to a "Russian Nesting Doll," the internet has gone wild because of its uncanny resemblence to a Dalek from popular sci-fi series, Doctor Who.