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Noun1.nesting place - a place suitable for nesting
place, spot, topographic point - a point located with respect to surface features of some region; "this is a nice place for a picnic"; "a bright spot on a planet"
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The counting campaign fits within a national and international programme to count migratory waterbirds conducted each year in the same month to monitor the evolution of these species and take the necessary steps to protect them in all countries where they migrate and save their nesting place.
She added: "They are fascinating creatures, but the way we are building our buildings now, for good reasons for energy deficiency sadly we are preventing their usual nesting place."The team is working with developers of housing projects to ensure there are natural habitats for wildlife as part of the construction.
Ensure they have a nesting place Create a hedgehog house or leave part of your garden wild as a nesting area (with leaf piles, etc.) DON'T...
As part of the process the Modern Makers learned about the project to reintroduce golden eagles to the Southern Uplands, including visiting their last nesting place in the area.
'When they go to the area at night, the streets are narrow and it's a notorious nesting place for people unafraid to die or kill,' Alicante said.
In the footage, which was passed to the RSPCA, the man - wearing a yellow hi-vis jacket - appears to hit the bird from its nesting place with a stick.
The man who appears to be a workman dressed in a hi-visibility vest can be seen hitting the bird from its nesting place with a stick.
The footage - released by theRSPCA- shows the man, who seems to be working on a construction site and wearing a high-vis jacket, hitting the birds nesting place with a sweeping brush.
A spokesman said: "Footage shared with us appears to show a man gaining access to the bird by hitting at its nesting place with a stick.
FINALLY: REMEMBER THE BIRDS For them a hedge can be a home and a nesting place. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds recommends leaving hedges alone from March to August which is the main nesting season.