neat line

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(Civil Engin.) a line to which work is to be built or formed.

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These net line of sight wells are over three times the first half 2019 net wells turned in line and provide visible near-term growth within Falcon's asset base.
"The obvious benefit of AIG lowering its net line sizes ...
The company reported its first year of positive net line additions since 2008 with net lines of 9,000, a positive swing of nearly 25,000 lines from the prior year.
In mid-September, Lornamead restaged LypSyl with new packaging; the company also revised the packaging of the Aqua Net line with "retro" graphics that suggest the product's core heritage of providing all-day hold in all weather conditions.
71 Statistical discrepancy (sum of above items with sign reversed) -6,785 (4) -19,752 Memoranda: 72 Balance on goods (lines 3 and 20) -22,587 -23,570 73 Balance on services (lines 4 and 21) 12,738 11,880 74 Balance on goods and services (lines 2 and 19) -9,849 -11,690 75 Balance on income (lines 12 and 29) 11,814 23,937 76 Unilateral current transfers, net line 35) -2,336 -2,417 77 Balance on current account (lines 1, 18, and 35 or lines 74, 75, and 76) -371 9,831 European Union Line (Credits +; debits -) 2010:IV 2011:I (p) Current account 1 Exports of goods and services and income receipts 174,571 172,150 2 Exports of goods and services 111,095 107,936 3 Goods, balance of payments basis 65,848 65,771 4 Services 45,247 42,165 5 Transfers under U.S.
The net asset is remeasured each period using current estimates through the single net line item.
Spatially, the dendrogram revealed a consistent clustering (cophenetic correlation coefficient = 0.93) distinguishing the net line one from the others (Figure 3).
The new unit has independently adjustable working and infeed height, quick change belts and long life clutches, a net line length addition of only ll00mm and can accept pack formats at 16 cycles per minute.
Other reinsurers offer multiple lines of coverage but are small net line players.
The upgrade of the existing ACOM Net line of software, which provides technological enhancements that are compatible with the entire AXIOM platform, will be included with the purchase.
wide should be installed vertically at the net line and between courts.
Looks hair products to the jet black packaging with bright accents in Chesebrough-Pond's Aqua Net line.