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A portable computer that is smaller than a laptop, with less processing speed and less memory, used primarily for accessing the internet.

[Blend of (inter)net and notebook.]


(Communications & Information) a type of small laptop computer
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India, April 16 -- Close on the heels of the news of the worst PC shipment numbers in Q1 2013, new research from iHS Suppli has put the expiry date for the Netbook category by 2015.
a Taiwanese, globally leading brand vendor of PCs, stated that his company will keep launching netbook models in the future.
If you want to split the difference between power and portability, you may be left with the decision of whether to go with a thin and light laptop or a netbook.
Plus, you don't get to see your chosen netbook first-hand.
Samsung New Zealand marketing director, Rachael Cotton-Bronte expects the quality line-up will help to cement the Samsung brand as a major player in the New Zealand netbook and notebook space.
Toshiba Computer Systems, a division of Toshiba Europe, has unveiled two models of its new netbook family: the mini NB500 and the mini NB520, a model for users who want a slim netbook with enhanced sound features.
a specialist in user-friendly PC and mobile security solutions for consumers, is pleased to announce that its dedicated Netbook Internet Security Package has been chosen by Intel as the recommended Internet Security Package for netbook users on the new Intel AppUp store - a simple, secure, one-stop-shop for netbook apps.
Internet security company BullGuard announced today that IT technology company Intel has chosen to recommend BullGuarda[euro](tm)s Netbook Internet Security Package to netbook users on the new Intel AppUp store.
Intel said that it has shipped over 70 million Intel Atom netbook chips since its 2008 launch.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 9, 2010-Techaisle says no change to last year's forecast of 36m netbook sales in 2010(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
According to netbook manufacturers, such tie-ups will bundle a netbook along with subscription to 3G services.
The Intel AppUp Center allows netbook users to browse, purchase, download, and install software applications that have been optimized to operate on netbooks and the Intel Atom processor through the AppUp Center on their netbook.