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A portable computer that is smaller than a laptop, with less processing speed and less memory, used primarily for accessing the internet.

[Blend of (inter)net and notebook.]


(Communications & Information) a type of small laptop computer
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Contract awarded for 01 tablet; 01 computer touch all in one desktop factor; 01 netbook computer
STUDIED BEAUTY Kelly with netbook computer in Los Angeles
The 44-year-old is alleged to have taken a Netbook computer and digital picture frame in the raid.
The check printing software's new user interface resizes easily to accommodate the screen size of the device being used, whether a large desktop monitor or a compact netbook computer.
Hermes is a portable netbook computer and barcode scanner configured as a dedicated property recording console.
To back its claim, the company is shipping a NetBook computer preconfigured with IceWEB's setup wizard with every order at no additional cost.
Interview and focus group data revealed recurring themes, such as the time allotted for the exam, the testing location, netbook computer problems, the testing software, the clarity of exam questions, and the overall purpose, i.
John Paul Thomas, 30, of Elizabeth Avenue, Barry, pleaded guilty to stealing a pounds 260 netbook computer belonging to Lianne Free in Barry on November 25 last year.
Dell has confirmed that it has ceased production of its Inspiron Mini netbook computer, in effect ending its pursuit of the receding netbook market, at least for consumer sales.
Media tablets are perceived to be easy to use, compared to the keyboard and mouse interface of a netbook computer.
There will be music from the Long Johns and among the raffle and auction items are an LCD TV and a mini netbook computer.
Lenovo Group, China's biggest PC maker, slumped the most in 10 months in Hong Kong trading and Asustek Computer, maker of the Eee netbook computer, declined the most in more than a year.