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Noun1.netkeeper - the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goalnetkeeper - the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal
hockey player, ice-hockey player - an athlete who plays hockey
soccer player - an athlete who plays soccer
2.netkeeper - the defensive position on an ice hockey or soccer or lacrosse team who stands in front of the goal and tries to prevent opposing players from scoring
position - (in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player; "what position does he play?"
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The BroadWeb NetKeeper series is a family of intrusion detection and prevention appliances designed to detect and prevent attacks across multiple network segments at up to 100-Mbps speeds.
Evasion tests caused problems for NetKeeper initially, but a code update rectified this, following which resistance to known evasion techniques was excellent, with the NK-3256T achieving almost a dean sweep across the board in the evasion tests.
Although NetKeeper demonstrated some initial problems in the area of false positives and resistance to evasion techniques, the engineers worked hard to rectify these during the tests.
Multima Corporation, publishers of NetKeeper Help Desk & Asset Management software, has introduced 6.2 version of NetKeeper Express.
NetKeeper Express version 6.2 audits all major networks including Windows NT.
As all good soccer teams always have, the Spartans also boast a solid netkeeper in senior Danielle Burkhart, who has really proven herself in just her first season of varsity soccer, leading the league with a 1.1 goals against average.
NetKeeper e-CRM is specifically designed to provide superior CRM services and superior support for business development.
Algonquin boasts a pair of talented netkeepers in Heather Carr and Hallie Carol and a solid defensive unit anchored by senior captain and stopper Carolyn Mukai.