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 (nĕt′ro͞ots′, -ro͝ots′)
People who work for a political campaign or cause outside of established modes of political organization, especially by using the internet as a primary means of organizing and public relations.

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The campaign raised $430,000 in less than two weeks and Bryce became a national figure overnight--speaking at Netroots Nation one week and then headlining a fundraiser in Manhattan's East Village alongside the actress Cynthia Nixon.
Samantha Sokol, AU's legislative assistant, and Erin Hagen, youth outreach coordinator, represented Americans United at the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta Aug.
Warren spoke at the liberal activist annual gathering, Netroots Nation, to around 1,000 people according to the (https://www.
Louis is the focus of a video released today by the Sierra Club for Netroots Nation 2016, which takes place this week in St.
Armstrong J and Zuniga MM (2006) Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics.
At the Netroots Nation convention in Phoenix last July, she declared:
Since being confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters at the Netroots Nation conference in July, he has met privately with activists and published a racial justice agenda that addresses issues of economic, legal, political and physical violence against people of colour.
16-19 The Netroots Nation conference will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Ariz.
Comunidades de produccion y comparticion de conocimiento (Wikipedia), cultura (Youtube, Flickr, la bloguesfera), herramientas (software libre y de codigo abierto), mercados, (eBay, Craiglist), educacion (Open Educational Resources), periodismo (periodismo ciudadano) y organizacion politica (meetups, netroots activism, smart mobs)>> (Rheingold, 2008: 25).
Armelagos joined with local advocates and attendees of the Netroots Nation conference in a July protest against the shutoffs, drawing attention to the situation in Detroit.
But her presence here at the annual Netroots Nation conference -- and the absence of Hillary Rodham Clinton -- offers a peek into the mindset of the Democratic Party's left wing.
As much as netroots are sounding alarm bells and urging strong FCC oversight, there's likely to be a significant opposition demanding that the agency keep its hands off the Internet.