Medullary groove

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(Anat.) a groove, in the epiblast of the vertebrate blastoderm, the edges of which unite, making a tube (the medullary canal) from which the brain and spinal cord are developed.

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(C): Embryos from the Khat-treated mothers appeared abnormal with different size and shape and opened neural groove (arrowheads), some of the embryos were resorbed (double arrowheads).
(3) During the 3-5 weeks of gestational age neurulation occurs during which formation of the neural groove, closure of the anterior (25 days) and posterior (27 to 28 days) neuropores, appearance of the ventral horn cells, formation of anterior and posterior roots and disjunction of the neuroectoderm from the surface ectoderm takes place.
Genital epidermoid cyst is a rare pathology and an abnormal closure of neural groove or epithelial fusion lines may be a most probable theory explaining its origin.