neural hearing loss

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neu·ral hear·ing loss

n. pérdida neural de la audición debida a una lesión del octavo nervio craneal.
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Sensor neural hearing loss on the other hand is related to problems with the inner ear.
Rubina Sadath and her husband Sadath Husain Kola, both in their 40s, cannot speak or hear, due to a congenital bilateral profound sensory neural hearing loss.
Audiometry showed an asymmetrical sensory neural hearing loss on the left side up to 60 dB.
Sensory neural hearing loss (SNHL) is one of the most disabilities in the world that mainly results from dysfunction of mechanosensory hair cells of the cochlea (Okano & Kelley, 2012).
Smoking as a risk factorin sensory neural hearing loss among workers exposed to occupational noise.
In addition to the cochlear, changes the DM can also cause secondary degeneration of the eighth cranial nerve, provoking neural hearing loss [6].
Living with a heart defect, sensory neural hearing loss and Ataxis Cerebral Palsy, Kieran has difficulty taking part in some physical tasks which can be frustrating for him.
He is suffering from 100 per cent sensory neural hearing loss. Singh claimed he has not received " even a single paise" from the government since last year.
These etiologies most commonly produce sensory neural hearing loss. Pathogenetically, their hearing loss is related to acoustic neuritis with fibrosis for measles and direct viruses -induced cytolysis by atrophy of the corti organ for mump viruses.
After presbyacusis noise induced hearing loss is the second most common cause of sensory neural hearing loss. As many as 30 million Americans are affected by potentially harmful sound levels in their workplace and worldwide the numbers are from 500-600 million.
Permanent bilateral sensory and neural hearing loss of children after neonatal intensive care because of extreme prematurity: a 30-year study.
* Consider neural hearing loss. The definition of targeted hearing loss was expanded to include "neural hearing loss" in infants admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).