neural net

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neural network

also neural net
A device or software program in which many interconnected elements process information simultaneously, adapting and learning from past patterns. Neural networks are often used to model the human brain.
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Noun1.neural net - computer architecture in which processors are connected in a manner suggestive of connections between neurons; can learn by trial and error
computer architecture - the art of assembling logical elements into a computing device; the specification of the relation between parts of a computer system
2.neural net - any network of neurons or nuclei that function together to perform some function in the body
nervous system, systema nervosum - the sensory and control apparatus consisting of a network of nerve cells
reticulum - any fine network (especially one in the body composed of cells or blood vessels)
reticular formation, RF - a complex neural network in the central core of the brainstem; monitors the state of the body and functions in such processes as arousal and sleep and attention and muscle tone
RAS, reticular activating system - the network in the reticular formation that serves an alerting or arousal function
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To be able to do analog computing on these models of neural nets.
The design can achieve even lower power and fit into a smaller than 85K LUTs FPGA by trading off performance and other parameters--such as reducing frame rates, frame size of the input image, or number of bits used to represent the neural net weights and activations.
One is the rise of neural nets, a technique AI scientists beavered at for decades before enjoying key breakthroughs in the early 2010s.
He then decided to create an automated sorting machine powered by a neural network and wrote an article titled 'Neural Nets vs.
Watch a deep mind totally ace 'Space Invaders' After just four hours of game play, a deep neural net developed by Google's DeepMind has managed to come up with a Space Invaders strategy so optimal that it was better than any person's strategy.
Radial Basis Function Networks (RBF) neural net was constructed for face verification.
Aleksander, programmer of a neural net he calls Magnus, takes a philosophical approach to the topic of consciousness, outlining the potential consciousness of computers with the implied question of whether human consciousness follows the same rules.
The researchers said that central to Deep Speech's success is a "well-optimized recurrent neural net training system that uses multiple graphics processing units." Results of the tests were published in December on the Cornell University-funded Web site arXiv.
obtained promising results by X-ray imaging and neural net processing to classify pistachio nuts.
On the practical side, the rain-conflicts algorithm replaced the neural net backbone of the Hubble Space Telescope scheduler, becoming the standard tool for selecting observations for that gem of NASA space sciences.
Each neural net can either handle records, with equal duration l or it can proceed with time series with different durations.
Artificial Neural Net. for Modeling and Control of Non-lin.

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