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 (no͝o-răl′jə, nyo͝o-)
Sharp, severe paroxysmal pain extending along a nerve or group of nerves.

neu·ral′gic adj.
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Adj.1.neuralgic - of or relating to or suffering from neuralgia; "neuralgic pains"
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[njʊˈrældʒɪk] ADJneurálgico
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a. neurálgico-a, rel. a la neuralgia.
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"I see in my niece's face, I feel in my niece's pulse, that one of her violent neuralgic attacks has come on again.
Lecount could throw an instant's doubt on the genuineness of the neuralgic attack, her master's fidgety sympathy declared itself exactly as the captain had anticipated, in the most active manifestations.
At the narrowest point in the strait between Iran in the north and Oman in the south, the strait is less than 50 kilometers wide, but the actual width of the navigable channel for the huge tankers is only two kilometers in each direction, meaning that the waterway at this neuralgic location can be easily controlled.
The questionnaire sent out to vet candidates for the episcopacy reflected this vision, heavy on adherence to church teaching on neuralgic issues, light on pastoral experience.
Partial view of the historic city of Hebron, one of the neuralgic points of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Analgesic and Anti neuralgic: They have analgesic properties and efficiently reduce pain in muscles and joints, headache, sinus, toothache, bone injuries, etc.
Neuralgic pain is also a defining characteristic of fibromyalgia.
This is their lament: "You have always been a core member of our great nation, but foreigners, immigrants, and your own elite compatriots have been conspiring to hold you down; your country is no more your own, and you are not respected in your own land." They look negatively at the attention given by liberal Americans to the weaker communities and immigrants; it has become a "neuralgic issue" for them (Ibid 89).
Still, a permanent base would represent a major change: an historic eastward shift of NATO's posture that would be heartening for Warsaw and neuralgic for Moscow in similar measure.
Seven keynote speakers at the September 2016 workshop in Reston, Virginia consider such aspects as enhancing civil infrastructure resilience with structural health monitoring, non-invasive inspection and real-time monitoring for tunnel structural resilience, enhancing the resilience of traffic networks with a focus on impacts of neuralgic points like urban tunnels, and decision aids for tunneling.
The access road to the airport's tank farm is a neuralgic point for smooth flight operations.