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 (no͝or′əs-thē′nē-ə, nyo͝or′-)
A group of symptoms, including chronic physical and mental fatigue, weakness, and generalized aches and pains, formerly thought to result from exhaustion of the nervous system and now usually considered a psychological disorder. The term is no longer in clinical use in many parts of the world.

neu′ras·then′ic (-thĕn′ĭk) adj. & n.
neu′ras·then′i·cal·ly adv.
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Noun1.neurasthenic - a person suffering a nervous breakdown
diseased person, sick person, sufferer - a person suffering from an illness
Adj.1.neurasthenic - of or relating to or suffering from neurasthenia; "neurasthenic tendencies"
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[ˌnjʊərəsˈθenɪk] ADJneurasténico
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nNeurastheniker(in) m(f)
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a. neurasténico-a, rel. a o con síntomas de neurastenia.
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She was living in the country town where he had had his last appointment, and there she was supporting the family: her daughter, her ailing neurasthenic son-in-law, and her five grandchildren.
In London three years later (1746) Collins put forth his significant work in a little volume of 'Odes.' Discouraged by lack of appreciation, always abnormally high-strung and neurasthenic, he gradually lapsed into insanity, and died at the age of thirty-seven.
Not in the mind of neurasthenic lazybones but in the cell nucleus: patients with chronic fatigue syndrome have increased production of nuclear factor kappa beta.
Neurasthenic American professor Adam Rebeira has come to PetrA[sup.3]polis, Brazil, in hopes of finishing a nineteen-years-overdue biography of Stefan Zweig, the Austrian writer who was one of the most internationally known names in literature in the 1930s.
performed nightly on the stage of the patient's neurasthenic
Neurasthenic symptoms in workers occupationally exposed to jet fuel.
Induction of neurasthenic musculoskeletal pain syndrome by selective sleep stage deprivation.
In "Ligeia" (1848) he Gothicises England and its rotting grand houses, and in "The Fall of the House of Usher" (1839) and elsewhere, he Gothicises New England; his imagination resembling the houses, as she notes, "the great, crumbling mansions of his imagination, where his neurasthenic men and women play out their grim charades of love and death" (1988).
In fact, he is a standard Styron type: a neurasthenic, Hamlet-like white intellectual in blackface.
The psychological exam highlights an IQ of 115, a school performance within normal range with potential for a higher academic achievement, and a depressive configuration with anxiety, neurasthenic complaints and misbehaviour, in the context of somatic vulnerabilities and aggravated by the onset of puberty.
The wife hears eerie sounds and sees will-o'-the-wisps at night in what is taken as a neurasthenic spell by the husband, until an old architect friend visits them and gradually recognizes the building as the one where he had been tortured by Eichmann's henchmen.
Woodruffs popularity was certainly a sign that neurasthenic explanations of disease were still prevalent at the beginning of the twentieth century--well after the discovery of the role of pathogenic microorganisms in disease.