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 (no͝or′ə-lĕm′ə, nyo͝or′-)
2. The sheath that is formed by a Schwann cell.

[Alteration (influenced by Greek lemma, husk) of French névrilème : névr-, nerve (from Greek neuro-, neuro-) + Greek eilēma, veil (from eilein, to wind, turn; see wel- in Indo-European roots).]

neu′ri·lem′mal adj.


(Biology) histology of or pertaining to neurilemma
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Previously published works limited to small case series and case reports used only neurilemmal markers (eg, Leu-7, glial fibrillary acid protein, myelinbasic protein, peripherin), S100 protein, and factor XIIIa (a marker of perineurial fibroblasts) to differentiate these 2 entities.
Several previous studies have mainly used neurilemmal markers to differentiate these 2 entities.