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 (no͝or′ō-ə-năt′ə-mē, nyo͝or′-)
n. pl. neu·ro·a·nat·o·mies
1. The branch of anatomy that deals with the nervous system.
2. The neural structure of a body part or organ: the neuroanatomy of the eye.

neu′ro·an′a·tom′i·cal (-ăn′ə-tŏm′ĭ-kəl) adj.
neu′ro·a·nat′o·mist n.


(ˌnjʊərəʊˌænəˈtɒmɪkəl) or


(Anatomy) of or pertaining to neuroanatomy
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Adj.1.neuroanatomical - of or relating to neural tissue or the nervous system
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Studying the neuroanatomical variation in dogs offers a unique opportunity to study the evolutionary relationship between brain structure and behavior.
Therefore, it is pertinent to elaborate neuroanatomical significance of transformational processes in terms of micro anatomical variations in the pathways of fascicles, distribution of nerve fibers and organization of CF's in formation of nerves to iliacus (NI1, NI2, NI3, NI4 and NI5) cranially from A1 8 to caudally up to point of emergence as a nerve branch of femoral nerve.
"Sex-specific differences in the brain's pathological, neuroanatomical and functional organization may map into differences at a neurobehavioral and cognitive level, thus explaining differences in the prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders and helping us develop appropriate treatments," Shokouhi opined.
Researchers from the Brain Language Laboratory of the Freie Universitt Berlin were able to demonstrate, using computer simulations of large-scale brain systems, how a set of biological mechanisms acting within specific neuroanatomical structures are sufficient to provide a direct and straightforward explanation for the cortical reorganization of language caused by visual deprivation.
Neuroanatomical disconnection used in animals reveal that cortico-limbic-striatal circuit involving the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), the basolateral amygdala (BLA), and nucleus accumbens (Nacb) mediate decision-making processes (Salamone & Correa, 2012; Salamone, Yohn, Lopez-Cruz, San Miguel & Correa, 2016).
Studies indicate that mothers and daughters are more connected emotionally than other parent-offspring combinations due to the neuroanatomical wiring of their brains.
A Neuroanatomical Approach to the Resection of Peritoneal and Deeply Infiltrative Endometriosis.
The neuroanatomical correlates are inferior parietal lobe, plus connections between parietal and temporal lobes (Caplan, 2003).
Neurocognition, which is based on neuroanatomical structures, function connections, neuroelectrophysiology and molecular biology, is the basis of the human brain and the reflection of advanced integrative neural function in behavioral science.
To predict brain age, neuroanatomical measurements were entered into the Brain-Age Regression Analysis and Computation Utility software.
These neuroanatomical measurements were then analysed using advanced software to predict brain age.
Radically overhauling the fifth edition of their textbook on aphasia and other neurogenic language disorders, LaPointe and Stierwalt have dropped the chapters on selected types of aphasia, maintained the humanistic nature and the fabric of care from earlier editions, and added a chapter on the neuroanatomical basics that is richly illustrated from Thieme's deep vault of illustrations.