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 (no͝or′ō-kĕm′ĭ-strē, nyo͝or′-)
The study of the chemical composition and processes of the nervous system and the effects of chemicals on it.

neu′ro·chem′i·cal (-kəl) adj.
neu′ro·chem′ist n.


(ˌnjʊərəʊˈkɛmɪkəl) biochem
(Biochemistry) a neuroactive substance
(Biochemistry) of or pertaining to neurochemistry


(ˌnʊər oʊˈkɛm ɪ kəl, ˌnyʊər-)

1. of or pertaining to neurochemistry.
2. a substance that affects the nervous system.
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Noun1.neurochemical - any organic substance that occurs in neural activity
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
neurotransmitter - a neurochemical that transmits nerve impulses across a synapse
endorphin - a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties
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Initial interpretation of the findings in the present study suggests that an alteration of neurochemical balance in the airways is related to SHR, resulting in cough and other airway symptoms.
Using functional imaging, physicians are able to "photograph" the brain in action with neurochemical as well as physiological and behavioral filters.
We also initiated neurochemical studies to identify mechanisms underlying theses behaviors.
First, the wild mood swings are accompanied by a neurochemical imbalance that cannot be overcome by sheer willpower.
CRH appears to interact directly with neurochemical systems that regulate appetite, overcoming the effect of low leptin levels associated with reduced body fat--which would normally activate feeding pathways--and inhibiting the release of neuropeptide Y, an appetite stimulant, Dr.
In France psychoanalytic interpretations continue to dominate, In the United States, by contrast, Tourette syndrome is now regarded as an organic disorder whose origins may be found in genetic, neurochemical, or even immune malfunctions.
A deficit in brain levels of corticotropin-releasing factor immunoreactivity is clearly present in early dementia and may prove to be a neurochemical marker for Alzhei mer's disease, reported Dr.
In response to stressors, a series of behavioral, neurochemical, and immunological changes occur that ought to serve in an adaptive capacity.
In a test tube, cannabidiol protected animal brain cells exposed to the toxic neurochemical produced during a stroke.
Dewar's chapter summarizes recent neurochemical findings showing that there are a multitude of neurotransmitter and receptor abnormalities.
Narcolepsy, an often inherited disorder that appears due to neurochemical imbalances in the brain, was first described over 100 years ago and had been thought rare.
The discovery may provide be a neurochemical antidote for feeling let-down.