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Noun1.neurodermatitis - dermatitis in which localized areas (especially the forearms or back of the neck or outer part of the ankle) itch persistently; cause is unknown
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n. neurodermatitis, trastorno de lesiones cutáneas blanquecinas que gen. se observan en personas nerviosas, y que suelen ser crónicas, diseminadas o localizadas.
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It also applies to the treatment of cholestasis and toxicosis, the prevention of recurrence of gallstones, the treatment before and after surgeries, especially hepatobiliary surgeries, and gestoses including vomiting, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and radiation syndromes.
Locals say that submerging yourself in the water can help to treat all types of skin and inflammatory conditions, from chronic rheumatism and psoriasis to neurodermatitis.
Thus, a number of studies have proved a direct relationship between the presence of AR and the subsequent development of allergic neurodermatitis, or bronchial asthma, and it is quite important that AR is the leading adverse prognostic sign of allergic hyperreactivity of the bronchopulmonary system (5).
These patients come with acne excoriee (picking acne), neurodermatitis, dermatophagia and trichotillomania.
In addition, other more common pruritic diseases such as pigmented contact dermatitis, pityrosporum folliculitis, parapsoriasis, neurodermatitis and primitive cutaneous amyloidosis should be excluded prior to diagnosing a patient with NP, which is commonly a clinical diagnosis of exclusion (6).
Over-cleansing, she said, "takes the skin's lipids away and destroys skin barrier function, which in turn allows bacteria to enter and cause breakouts, redness, irritation, neurodermatitis and decreased natural resistance to UVA and UVB rays."
The etiologies included neurodermatitis, pruritus caused by postherpetic neuralgia, nostalgia paresthetica, anesthesia dolorosa, nasal pruritus, and diabetic neuropathy (J Am Acad Dermatol.
Introduction: Neurodermatitis (liken simplex chronicus) is a chronic skin disease that can be confusing with chronic eczema.
These characteristics are particularly important for patients suffering from neurodermatitis. "We have had good experiences with our fabrics for people with skin disorders," confirmed Reiner Luckhardt.
Baby Sebamed can be used along with a course of treatment for neurodermatitis, eczema, skin infections and other types of irritation, but you should confirm this with your child's pediatrician beforehand.
Today, it is a remedy used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, wounds, burns, acne, herpes simplex, and neurodermatitis. It also is utilized in dental hygiene to prevent caries and to treat gingivitis and stomatitis.