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 (no͝o-rŏg′lē-ə, nyo͝o-, no͝or′ə-glē′ə, -glī′-, nyo͝or′-)
The supportive tissue of the nervous system, including the network of branched cells in the central nervous system (astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendrocytes) and the supporting cells of the peripheral nervous system (Schwann cells and satellite cells). Also called glia.

[neuro- + Medieval Greek glia, glue; see zoogloea.]

neu·rog′li·al adj.
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(Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to neuroglia
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Adj.1.neuroglial - relating to or consisting of neuroglia; "neuroglial tissue"
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(13,29) The presence of immature neuroglial elements in a neonatal teratoma, although worrisome, has no bearing on prognosis, and generally these patients have a favorable outcome.
Ara-C is another nucleoside analog, and it was effective in decreasing viral replication in cultured human neuroglial cells.
The chemokine CXCL12 or stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF-1) is strongly chemotactic for lymphocytes and it modulates neurotransmission, neurotoxicity, and neuroglial interactions [37].
These are one of the congenital midline masses a category which also includes nasal dermoids and encephaloceles.(2) The nasal glioma first described by Schmidt in 1900.(3,4) The reported incidence is 1 in every 20,000 to 40,000 births,(5) histologically they are made up of astrocytic neuroglial cells, fibrous and vascular connective tissue that is covered with naso-respiratory mucosa.
In addition to directly causing apoptotic cell death in the brain, oxidative stress products induce a profound inflammatory response characterised by neuroglial activation [24].
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rosea and its active constituents, salidroside and tyrosol, have shown to downregulate the estrogen receptor gene ESR1 in neuroglial derived cells (Panossian et al., 2013; Panossian et al.
In light of our radiologic and histopathologic findings, we identified the mass in our patient as a neuroglial heterotopia, which is defined as a hypervascular neuroglial tumor with diffuse areas of fibrosis.
Mature hyaline cartilage is the most common heteroplastic element, but neuroglial tissue resembling disorganized brain and rhabdomyoblasts are also described (Figure 4).
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